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Foundational Understanding: Making the Claim


Product Description

Foundational Understanding: Making the Claim DVD

Many people may ask 'just what is all of this commercial redemption stuff all about'? Perhaps most of the population are not aware of how things really are in our present circumstances. They see the things that go on without a clue as to the how, when, what, where, and why.

In this review of Foundational Understanding the effort has been to start from ground zero, so to speak, to give even someone who has not encountered any of this thought process a starting point. This effort has been geared to give someone who has absolutely no experience in this arena an idea of where it all came from and some of the basic technology for 'Making the Claim'. Most are not aware that we are operating under public policy which is enforced by the Admiralty Courts ... and yes, all of our courts are Admiralty Courts which simply enforce the national bankruptcy.

Although this is 'easy listening', the viewer should listen closely because some key words and ideas will be presented for further study. The style of delivery is basically conversational until we get into the second part which deals with the fundamental technologies (such as the 'straw man', UCC-1 Financing Statement, Security Agreements, Affidavit of Life, etc.) where one would do well to print out the documents on the included CD to follow along.

My presentation is non-confrontational, but is just 'matter of fact' as I lay out the elements which many are new to ... and for those who do have some measure of competency in these matters ... read between the lines for hints of higher understanding. I have found that many of us who consider ourselves 'learned' have not lent as much weight to foundational issues as perhaps we ought to do (I have listened to the finished product and quite like it myself).

So, for those of you who have had the experience of the 'deer staring in the headlights' effect when discussing some of these concepts with others ... here is the 'ice breaker' ... a place to start a meaningful discussion that even 'Joe six-pack' or 'Molly home maker' would find interesting.

I hope this is a value to you. WS