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From Other Worlds - Paperback


Product Description

From Other Worlds


In our quest for knowledge, we have searched for an explanation behind the mysteries of our universe. This fascination with the unexplained continues to grow, as technology improves and science attempts to solve the puzzle of our origins and (destination).

For decades, reports of UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomenon have been investigated, but are we any closer to the answers that we seek?

In this debut book from his Exo-Commerce genre, Winston shares the results of his own personal research journey, and offers his perspective on these ‘unsolved mysteries’.

With no topic off limits, Winston recalls his personal experiences with everything from ‘aliens among us’ to working with a powerful shaman, to his ongoing association with a man from the Pleiades.

You’re invited on this voyage into the depths of the unknown…where there are sure to be some intriguing revalations, peppered with a bit of Winston’s ‘Hillbilly’ humor.



152 pages