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Great Mortgage Swindle


Product Description

Part I and II: Everyone should have the right to reasonable food, clothing and shelter. While acquiring food and clothing are relatively straightforward transactions, obtaining shelter is an entirely different matter. Because of the way modern mortgages are structured, in many respects, it’s actually unreasonable for the buyer. And, from a certain perspective, mortgages actually allow banks to steal from the people.

Winston created The Great Mortgage Swindle DVD to enlighten people about what a Mortgage really is and how it actually works – so that they can make a truly educated decision about whether a conventional mortgage is right for them. Remember, Ownership is a relative term. Winston goes into detail about what ownership actually is…and what it isn’t.

Winston has also added an incredible addition to "The Great Mortgage Swindle series". The focus of this new PART II will be revealing the reality of how we all have mortgaged our bodies. Fascinating and Empowering information! Making an educated decision is what it’s all about.