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Navigating Criminal Court


Product Description

To understand the concept of Criminal Court, you must first consider the fact that any criminal case is just a Civil case that has gone into dishonor. Every criminal matter under our present legal system starts as a civil case. Specifically, it all starts out as an "In Rem" (they are suing a ‘thing’) proceeding before a magistrate in a civil manner. If you go into a dishonor on the civil side (such as pleading “not guilty”) you are fast-tracked right over into the criminal side where sanctions, such as imprisonment, can be given out. Key, then, would be the handling of the civil side to avoid the criminal court.

But if you have wandered into the criminal side, there are still things that can be done to bring a resolution to the problem. Perhaps we might have to switch into commercial mode. Or perhaps we might want to go into trust law … or even into probate law. Does that sound a bit strange? If you don’t at least consider some of these tactics… don’t be too shocked when you find yourself looking out from your room in the "Gray-Bar Motel". The world of criminal court is not what it appears to be … pull back the curtain and observe the little man pulling the levers.