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Postliminium: An Explanation of How Your Inheritance Was Made the Asset of a Trust


Product Description

Have you ever wondered just how the system has managed to 'trap' you into its clutches?  Why does the system consider a 50 year old man or woman as a 'minor'?  Does it seem that you have absolutely no control over your assets, your children, your home, car, and bank accounts ... and even your own body?

This presentation entitled POSTLIMINIUM explains this in great detail, and shows you step by step how the system has created this prison of control.

Then if this system of 'law' (and I use that term loosely) has created an obligation to people, the question is has it also provided a 'remedy'.  In other words, if you have been deemed a 'minor', can someone over the age of 18 years change that status and simply put ... get in control of their lives and property?

Yes, there is a remedy ... as in all cases of what is called statute law.  The author of this presentation goes into great depth of understanding and explanation.

The viewer/student is recommended to watch this over and over ... take notes ... trace this information yourself ... until you have all of this as a part of your own logic train.

Then act.

The author of this work prefers to remain anonymous, but this presentation is the best I have seen and is crucial to your studies.