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Realizing Tort Claims


Product Description

Since Roman times, the tort concept has been used to create a system of compensation for loss or harm caused by another party. In our modern time, tort claims make up most of the legal actions that clog the court systems...everything from personal injury claims, to product liability suits, medical malpractice and more. But how do torts impact us in terms of reality versus commercial fiction? How should a tort claim be approached with an administrative process in mind?

In this fascinating new lecture, Winston examines the role of torts in our current commercial environment, and the importance of status when considering the use of a tort claim.

Topics of Discussion Include:

* Tort Claims

* Limited Liability

* Scope of Office

* Secured Party Status

* Establishing The Facts

* Tort Act Provisions

* Insurance Claims

* Filing A Tort Claim

* Form 95

* State Tort Claim

* Questions & Answers

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