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Removing Commercial Karma Seminar


Product Description

Removing Commercial Karma Seminar

Available on DVD

Held at ECETI Ranch in September 2015
A strong review of foundational concepts and powerful advanced technologies.
This weekend long presentation was created with a goal of creating a comprehensive guide to making real changes in people's lives. The seminar opens with important foundational information in order to help you accelerate your learning process.  Whether you are an advanced student or new to the information, this seminar was created with you in mind. With an emphasis on solutions, Winston's latest offering is a must-have addition to your library of commercial education. 
Topics Include:
  • Maxims of Commerce
  • Basic history
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Constitution for the united States of America
  • Pledge system
  • Civil War was war of the Federal Gov’t against sovereign states
  • Collateral Accounts, Global Debt Facility, Sukarno Trust
  • Priority vs. Common stock holders
  • Birth Certificate/pledge/trusts
  • Q explanation of custodial/naked owner/trust
  • Alien Property Custodian
  • Public policy
  • Subpoena duces tecum
  • Metaphysical aspects of Commercial Redemption
  • New Republic/interim government/NESARA
  • 5th dimension Age of Aquarius
  • Money of Exchange and Money of Account
  • Double entry bookkeeping
  • Operating in the courts
  • UCC Financing Statements
  • Security Agreements and Commercial liens
  • Assignment of debt
  • Assignment of Reversionary Interest
  • Authentication process for the individual
  • Authentication process applied to real estate/mortgage