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Social Security Trust Indentures


Product Description

Since the introduction/invention of the Cestui Que Vie trust models in the 1400s, this concept has lain hidden behind the scenes. Little is spoken of it and little is generally known. But the impact on the resources of the hard earned assets of the people should by this time adequately demonstrate that the use of the CQV concepts is detrimental to the best interest of the people. Powerful entities behind the scene operate these CQV trusts to enhance their own interests, and thereby rob the people of their hard earned living. The Social Security Administration is operated as a CQV, and by operation of trust law … you are ‘construed’ to be the trustee of your trust account. That is why all ‘bills’ for JOHN DOE are sent to John Doe, because as the perceived trustee for JOHN DOE, John Doe has the fiduciary duty to settle any and all claims made on the trust. The power behind this is your signature on the original SS-5 form which was an application for an account, the account number itself being supplied by the IRS/IMF/UN. So, if your signature caused all of this, could your signature also be used to correct it? This is the purpose of this single topic, first to give the history and basis for this situation, and then to suggest a remedy.



*Understanding a Trust

*Construed Trustee

*The Big Fraud

*Cestui Que Vie Trust

*How It Affects Us

*Social Security System

*What Comes From Our Labor

*Clarification on Trusts

*Expressed Use

*The Indenture


*Where to Send It