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Strawman Trilogy - Transcript Only


Product Description

The Illusive Strawman - Part One
This is a primary discussion of what the strawman is, who created it, and what some of the attributes of it are. In this discussion there are perhaps some illusions broken up with the intent to have a correct understanding of the cause and nature of the illusive strawman. Hopefully the student will come to see that the strawman is not a danger when properly dealt with. In fact, rather than a problem, the strawman can be seen as a necessity to operate in the world of commerce, or in the run-of-the-mill purchase of bread and milk at the grocery.

The Lighted Match - Part Two
The strawman in the Wizard of Oz was afraid of only one thing: the lighted match. Once the student comes to the understanding of the necessity of the strawman in our present world, the student might want to protect that poor man of straw so that the lighted match does not destroy it. On this DVD, some technologies and processes are discussed to secure certain benefits for the use of the strawman.

The Man of Steel - Part Three
Straw burns and steel does not, at least until you raise the temperature to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. Getting in control of and strengthening the man of straw turns it into a Man of Steel. So, in this discussion the student is informed of methods to utilize the strength thus created to solve certain problems encountered in commerce. Here we have a few practical applications of how the Man of Steel can now come to the rescue.