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The 2nd Annual Members Event


Product Description

Portland, Oregon


Winston's exclusive Second Members Event was one of his best seminars yet. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our Gardeners, expressing how they truly enjoyed this special learning opportunity with Winston. During the seminar, Winston focused on several topics including the Hundredth Monkey theory, Administrative Process, Status, Creation of Money, and The Courts. There were also several Q & A sessions held throughout the weekend which addressed other important issues.

For the first time, we are publicly releasing a Members Event for everyone to experience. Even if you're not currently a Gardening with Winston Member, you now have the opportunity to see for yourself what these special annual events have to offer.

Topic List (DVD Version)

Friday Night Special Q & A Session
1. Foreword
2. Certified Copy Question
3. B-10 Form Question
4. Notice of Dishonor
5. UCC
6. New UCC Version

Disc One
1. Quantum Commerce
2. Interview Document
3. Constitutional Law Forms
4. Quantum Commerce Questions
5. Hundredth Monkey
6. Attitudes That Shaped History
7. Mixing Law Forms 6. Status

Disc Two
1. Status Continued
2. Your Appearance
3. Capitalism
4. Surplus Equals Surety
5. Commercial Lien Process
6. Kinds of UCC 1's
7. Midday Questions
8. Elvick
9. The Question of Credit
10. Principles and Concepts
11. The SS-5 Conspiracy

Disc Three
1. Questions
2. The Political Arena
3. Non-Resident Alien
4. Misc. Questions
5. Request for Withdrawal

Disc Four
1. SS - 521 Comment
2. Your Appearance
3. Questions - Saturday's Topics
4. Status In Court
5. Defendant and Plaintiff
6. Rule 14
7. Answer in Counterclaim
8. Questions - Plaintiff and Defendant
9. The Judge

Disc Five
1. The Jury
2. National Arbitration Act
3. Subrogation
4. Memorandums of Law
5. Appoint Judge Trustee
6. Rule 52
7. Trusts
8. Bankruptcy
9. Qualified Heir

Disc Six
1. Probate
2. Status on the Highway
3. Your Status and the DMV
4. Administrative Process Elements
5. International Commercial Claim
6. Staying in Grace
7. Default
8. The Creation of Money

Disc Seven

1. Final Questions