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The 4th Annual Members Event


Product Description

Please Note: This product is available on CD and DVD.

This event was created in honor of our Gardening Members, as a way to offer a more direct method of learning and interaction with Winston. The conference format is more similar to a private workshop than a public seminar, to preserve the personal aspect of the experience. During these events, Winston takes the opportunity to go deeper into the material and devote more time to focus on the specific interest areas of the attendees.

For those of you who were unable to join us in Portland, don't despair...you can now experience the uniqueness of the event for yourself with this newly released recording. Even if you are not currently a Gardening with Winston Member, you will now be able to learn what a Members Event is all about. Be sure to include this incredible 3-day event in your educational library! It's not a substitute for being there in person, but it's the next best thing!

Topics Of Discussion Include:

Disc One
In Forma Pauperis
In Forma Pauperis Instruction Sheet
Money of Exchange and CAFR Accounts
Saturday Morning Questions
Admiralty Tutorial

Disc Two
A Typical Federal Indictment
Trading With The Enemy Act
Suing The Warrant

Disc Three
Affidavit Style Pleading
Admiralty Procedures
Justification for the suit
Memorandum in Support of Suit

Disc Four
Distress on Bond
Habeas Corpus
Habeas Documents
Saturday Afternoon Questions

Disc Five
Paul's Deposition
Diane's Deposition
Deposition Role Play
Impeaching Testimony
Making Determinations of Law

Disc Six
The Financial Landscape
Sunday Morning Questions
Becoming The Plaintiff

Disc Seven
Recognizing Fictions
The System of Pledging
Mendell House
Direct vs Indirect
Transfer of Liability

Disc Eight
First Maxim of Contracts
Demand for Bill of Particulars

Disc Nine
Structure of Bill of Particulars
Right of Action
Cause of Action
Assessment: Item 3

Disc Ten
Assessment: Item 2
Sunday Evening Questions

Disc Eleven
Mortgage Recoupment with B10