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The Absence of Law


Product Description

During this Webinar Event, Winston exposed the absence of law.

Chances are that you or someone you know has at one time or another found themselves at the "mercy" of the courts, whether in civil or criminal proceedings. Chances are also very good that you may have walked out of the courtroom wondering: "Where was the justice in that judgment?"

In Winston's latest thought-provoking lecture, he will be "pulling back the curtain" and exposing the court and its officers for all that they are. This lecture will discuss "advanced" material, but both beginners and scholars of this educational community can benefit from the information provided.

*Topics of discussion include:

*The Business of Court

*Vanity & Self Vindication

*At Arms Length

*Statutes At Large & The US Code

*State & Federal Archives

*Federal Registry

*Legislating From The Bench

*Maxim Over Precedence

*Proper Enactment of Law


*Absence of Law Remedy