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The Effect of King James Version on Commerce


Product Description

This author is never to be considered an authority on anything, much less any attempts on his part to explain some of the complexities of the King James Version of the Holy Bible.


The chapters of this book are simply the wanderings of the imagination of the writer, which is not to say that the writer has not given considerable thought to what is contained in this book.  Perhaps some who might read these writings would differ considerably with the conclusions of the author … maybe not.  Every reader must account for their own selves.


In the past the author has suggested that the KJV has had and is having a major impact on the commercial system that we use today locally and internationally.  These are his observations, and could be right or wrong.  The author has tried to trace the history of what we have come to in our modern world, and tried to show a correlation between the religious philosophies of earlier times and how we have ‘worked things out’ in our modern era.



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121 pages