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Third Party Debt Collectors Part I - Transcript Only


Product Description

“I’'ve talked about Third Party Debt Collectors many times over the years… but I never focused exclusively on that subject. However, with so many people all across the nation experiencing such extraordinarily difficult times, I felt compelled to do something. I decided to zero in/focus like a laser beam and get the truth about Third Party Debt Collectors out to as many people as possible. When it comes to debt – any kind of debt – understanding the third party debt collection process is absolutely critical. In this new lecture, I have attempted to expose this whole dark scheme for what it really is… piracy. With this information at their disposal, my hope is that people can better defend themselves from the debt collection pirates.” Winston


Topics discussed in this lecture:

Does someone have to have standing to enforce a note or a debt or any contract to which they are not parties?

What does the concept of holder in due course have to do with standing?

How utilizing USC Title 15, which contains the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, is the proper statute to use when dealing with problems associated with the IRS or other Third Party Debt Collectors.

This new lecture encompasses a broader approach which goes beyond the IRS and includes all third party debt collectors. I have included examples and articles that will be very helpful.

Also discussed:

*administrative due process

*the law cannot require an impossibility

*summons and complaint

*subpoena deuces tecum, and much, much more.



Third Party Debt Collectors 
Public Policy 
Payment in Fact and Transfer 
The Trust Perspective  
Accounts Payable and Receivable 
Court’s Magic Conversion 
Not At This Address 
Court Summons and Complaint 
Embroiled in Court 
Form B-10 
Advanced Exotics