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Third Party Debt Collectors Part II - Transcript Only


Product Description

“There is an old adage that ‘knowledge is power’. If that is the case, then the opposite of that would be something like: lack of knowledge or disinformation creates weakness. One of the ongoing goals of Solutions in Commerce is to put knowledge, and hence power, into the possession of people. We presently live in a world full of deception, fraud, fictions, and the like which cause much weakness in the minds and hearts of people. This causes all manner of fears and uncertainties. So, in keeping with the goals of SIC, this newest release is further knowledge about the origins and misguided efforts of the “Third Party Debt Collectors”. We can never progress socially, morally, or commercially as long as misconceptions prevail, especially where con artists take advantage of the weak or uneducated by stealing their ‘sweat equity’ through the various legal devices and schemes which are wreaking the lives of people. It is time to learn and apply knowledge so that we can see the change so much needed to get these problems corrected.” Winston

As a follow up to his first lecture, Winston hosted a webinar this past July. During the session, Winston examined the origin of these unethical debt collection practices, and provided critical details as to our rights when dealing with these unscrupulous organizations.


This is definitely a must have for your WSSIC educational library!

Topics Included:

*The Concept of Risk

*Bilateral v. Unilateral Contracts

*Tontine & C'estui Que Vie

*Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

*Communication with Third Parties

*Debt Validation and more.