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Traffic Tickets Revealed - Transcript Only


Product Description

For this exciting event, Winston chose a topic that many people have to deal with at least once in their lifetimes: TRAFFIC TICKETS.

Because of the money to be made, the various law enforcement (actually code enforcement) agencies have made an absolute science out of roadside stops, issuance of traffic tickets and the resulting traffic courts. They have even turned the courts, which seldom reach the level of magistrate court, into a "quasi-criminal" court. During this session, Winston analyzed this practice, and revealed important information to equip you for the roadside stop and also in the traffic court itself.

WSSIC is releasing the webinar recording to allow you another opportunity to experience this special event for yourself. This new lecture is being released as a 2 DVD set, and also in our new transcript format; a package option is available as well. This is definitely a must have for your WSSIC educational library!

Topics Discussed:

* The Cause of Accidents

* Tickets Defined

* Stockholders and Founders

* Corporate Status

* When You're Stopped

* Facts Not in Evidence

* Scenarios

* And More...