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Understanding Civil Court


Product Description

Most people have a pretty good idea of what the term "court" means. But exactly what is “civil” court? When the word "civil" is used in relation to legal matters, it refers to the history, origin, and development of our present method of resolving controversies that arise from either breach of contract or some type of injury.

When we trace the word "civil" back to its source, we discover that it originates in Roman Civil Law and Canon Law. Our nation has been, and continues to be, ruled by ancient Roman ideas of justice. Since that is the case, it would certainly be in our best interest to know how to work within that system. This is not Common law, or at least the Common law that was developed and practiced by the people on this continent. It would be useless to attempt to use Common law tactics in a Civil proceeding.

To prevail in Civil court, we have to formulate strategies based on a thorough and precise understanding of how Civil Law works. Many methods of operating successfully in the Civil courts are discussed, including examples that could potentially be adapted for use.