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Unlawful Detainer


Product Description

This advanced DVD provides the foundational information, relevant examples, and supporting documents necessary for a thorough understanding of “Unlawful Detainer.”

With regard to mortgages, Unlawful Detainer actions are generally misunderstood by those faced with them. A mortgage foreclosure is merely the transfer of a title; the foreclosure sale is for the title itself. Unlawful Detainer does not deal with the title, but attempts to address "who actually has the right to possess the property?"

In a situation involving real estate, a law firm representing a bank would, through an Unlawful Detainer action, seek to have those in physical possession of a property ejected based upon an alleged "adverse possession." Meaning, the law firm and bank claim that you no longer have the right to remain in possession of the property, and they want you out.

For those dealing with (or who are about to deal with) the difficult and often heartbreaking process of foreclosure, this information may be very helpful in retaining possession of your property.