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Your Exemption - Transcript Only


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The exemption: where did it come from? What is the concept? Are you using it, and if not … is someone else using it? Has it been stolen from you? Has the old saying, ‘use it or lose it’, had application in your life?

These are all questions which are not much understood, and perhaps are seldom spoken of. Yet the exemption is the basis of our whole financial system as it has been developed since the change over in our monetary system in 1933 and the subsequent public policy operation of law concept.

Read more as Winston examines this crucial subject, and find out why it matters to you!


Topics of Discussion Include:

* The Exemption

* Exemption & Deduction

* Exemption based on prior event

* Our Life Measured

* Physical v. Calendar

* Wholesale and Retail

* Grace

* Deduction

* Forgiveness of Debt

* The Role of Principal

* Questions & Answers

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